Biosolids Transport and Storage Solutions

Complete system design combines different conveyance technologies and controls integration with various storage solutions

ML / Spaans BHS Intermediate Bearings

ML/Spaans BHS Intermediate Bearing Technology. The original and longest lasting intermediate bearing for extending the reach of shafted screw conveyors.

ML Shaftless Spirals

MLM offers the strongest and most robust spirals manufactured from high tensile alloy steel, cold formed to close tolerances of pitch and diameters

Live Bottom Extraction Systems

MLM Live Bottoms can be configured with various flight configurations to suit any application

Welcome to MLM Conveying Systems

Many companies claim to offer complete solutions for a sludge handling and transport system. At MLM, we have the expertise and experience to provide a TOTAL SYSTEM SOLUTION for all your sludge transport and handling needs utilizing some of the world's most reliable ML/Spaans BHS shafted screw conveyors and ML shaftless screw conveyors, and integrating the experience and knowhow from Megatech Engineering Ltd.

All products are manufactured under our dedicated factories….true single source responsibility!

In addition to top quality equipment, MLM also offers unmatched sludge handling experience and engineering expertise, budget oriented, and time sensitive project management skills, and the testimonials of satisfied TOTAL SYSTEM clients.


Systems Design

Authentic parts direct form our factory. Intermediate bearings and spirals for any conveyor manufacturer.

To design a system for the transportation and storage of dewatered biosolids, you need a full-service supplier. MLM can be that partner.

Solutions / Products

MLM Shafted Conveyor systems are specifically designed for each municipal or industrial biosolids storage and handling system. These robust heavy duty...

The heart of any shaftless conveying system is the shaftless spiral. MLM offers the strongest and most robust spirals manufactured from high tensile...

MLM shafted and shaftless Screw Conveyors are ideal for vertical conveying. As MLM fabricates our own spirals or shafted rotors, we can design the best...

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