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MLM Conveying Systems, Inc. brings together the expertise of Megatech Engineering Ltd. and ML Separation & Conveying, Inc.

The ML shaftless screw technology, coupled with the ML /Spaans BHS shafted screw technology, has been integrated with the engineering of Megatech and will be located in a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Langley, BC.

ML has been manufacturing shaftless screw conveyor systems since 1972, and the ML / Spaans BHS shafted screw conveying systems since its acquisition in 2004. The Spaans BHS shafted screw technology has been the market leader since 1978.

Megatech Engineering has been manufacturing shafted screw conveyor transport and storage and loading systems for decades and now the ML shaftless screw will also be manufactured at the Langley facility .

Megatech has manufactured for such many OEMs over years.

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